Most actors don't know what to do when they're not auditioning, on set, or on stage.


They lack a sense of focus or direction in their creative businesses, instead hoping for immediate bookings that will magically lead to more and more jobs. Most are willing to do what it takes but lack the information and resources and subsequent strategies to build sustainable creative lifestyles.¬†The life of an actor and creatives in general is not linear or clear beyond the basics (‚Äúget an agent, agent gets you auditions, you book forever and always‚ÄĚ), therefore no one has taken the time to consider a system to really help actors break down their careers into trajectories and strategies to help them not only meet their career goals but live the sustainable lives they often crave‚Ķuntil now.

Artist’s Strategy has spent ten years posing questions that few have asked before, helping developmental actors and seasoned veterans alike create more opportunities for themselves, transforming them into true blue creative entrepreneurs. From booking first Broadway shows, network gigs, pitching series ideas to major studios, getting out of debt and building secondary income streams, our curriculum has a structure that is easily personalized to the individual and their needs. For the artist to make art for the rest of their life, we firmly believe they need to be instilled with an entrepreneurial skill set, mindset and spirit.

The Creative Startup

The Creative Startup is our intensive hybrid e-learning and 1:1 consulting program designed to help actors save years of struggle by providing actionable routines and systems in order to build a professional creative lifestyle that will sustain them for the rest of their careers.

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The Spark

Experience the transformative power of our curriculum and e-learning materials in an engaging group coaching format, all while building a supportive community of forward-footed artists. Enrollment in The Spark based on availability and demand.

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We have taken the amorphous and structureless elements of this industry and have created a revolutionary system for the working artist. This includes everything from strategic self-producing, to building a viable brand story to ongoing craft improvement. You no longer have to bang your head against a wall trying to figure out how to move the needle forward and can instead get to work and into action.

Your Curriculum


Explore the seven tenets crucial to an actor's business: Professional Growth, Community Cultivation, Financial Management, Self-Producing, Craft Improvement, Marketing, and Method. Our comprehensive curriculum spans 25 hours of e-learning content, accompanied by numerous practical worksheets and templates, guiding you through essential mindset shifts and empowering strategies you can implement at your own pace.

Professional Growth

Your primary career goals and subsequent mile-markers that will define the short-term work you need to prioritize. In these units we build an Artist's Statement, begin to build a comprehensive Five Year Plan, and learn the importance of consistent Industry Research.


Community Cultivation 

Your network of industry-related contacts that you consistently maintain, cultivate, and expand. In these units we learn routines to deepen industry contacts, strategies to get closer to Casting personnel and a sweeping referral strategy to secure representation.


Financial Management 

Your systems that support a month-to-month personal and professional budget, savings strategy, diverse income streams, and retirement goals. In these units, you'll learn our financial tracking and budgeting system as well as how to build a viable secondary income stream.



Your portfolio of self-produced projects that support your primary career goals. In these units, you'll learn our step-by-step process to craft creative projects that serve your biggest career needs as well as our our fundraising systems and processes that have allowed us to raise over 3 million dollars for creative projects.


Craft Improvement

Your custom approach to sharpening your artistic craft and improving your life as a creative entrepreneur. These units will walk you through collecting market feedback on your creative product, identifying clear metrics of success around your talent and how to implement and create your own training routines.



Your toolbox of clear messaging and consistent brand elements that help you stand out to a targeted audience. These units will include our in-depth approach to build an exciting brand story and build a personalized marketing strategy that fits your unique needs andtalents.



Your overarching systems, time management tools, and work processes for running your business effectively. Throughout The Creative Startup, you'll be engaging with dozens of templates and worksheets across all the tenets of your creative business, including your Five Year Plan.


For your personalized 1:1 sessions, you have the flexibility to choose a consultant you'd like to work with, or collaborate with our team to determine the best fit for your needs. Learn more about our consultants here.

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