Shaping your creative future with focus and planning

Artist's Strategy offers artists the opportunity to strategize and create tactical next steps towards a successful, fulfilling career. Based on tested business principles, Artist's Strategy helps you design a tangible path towards a sustainable future.

Incorporating and using the basic tenets of a healthy business, we will help you set a one, three or five-year-plan that will work for you and keep you on track to seeing real results.



The Tools You Need

Understanding and creating a roadmap for the following seven tenets of your business is the foundational work of Artist's Strategy:

- Networking             - Marketing             - Product Improvement          - Professional Growth

           - Financial Management           - Self Producing         - Business Infrastructure

Private Consulting

How much are you willing to invest in your career?

With Artist's Strategy, you will work alongside founder Joshua Morgan to identify the strengths and opportunities of your business and learn more about how to stabilize and grow.

How long and how frequently you work with Artist's Strategy depends on your individual needs and resources. Contact us to discuss a plan that could work for you.

Please contact Artist's Strategy directly for more information



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Danielle Adams

"Artist's Strategy has given me a road map to the goals I've always wanted to achieve.  Instead of saying "I want to be a series regular on a hit TV show" and only having a vague idea of how to get there, Joshua works with me so that I can take the small steps that lead to that goal.  He's taught me that I'm not just an artist, I'm an entrepreneur."  



"Artist's Strategy has given me a bright and clear path to success as a fine art portrait photographer where before all I had was a passion but no idea how to nurture it. Joshua has helped me create a plan of action that is not only attainable- it's sustainable, and I actually see my successes propelling forward with a momentum that I did not anticipate"


Alex Witherow

"Artist's Strategy is a fantastic resource for career development.  I now have legit agents in New York and Atlanta, a manager, two commercial agents, network auditions weekly, and a short film that Joshua encouraged me to write. That film went to the LA Independent Film Awards and received rave reviews.  His eye for strategy and the next step is dead-on."  



Joshua graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Judith Blazer’s 2005/2007 company of the Artist’s Crossing.

A diverse, singing actor, a few of Joshua’s performance credits include roles in The Trojan Women, Godspell, Burn This, Comedy of Errors, Children of Eden, Othello, Show Boat, Sunday in the Park with George, The Chosen, Sweeney Todd..., and The Laramie Project to name a few. He most recently closed the Broadway revival of Les Miserables having moved from Washington, DC to join the company. He can be seen in HBO's Paterno starring Al Pacino and the upcoming Broadway bound Ain't Too Proud slated for a NY bow in 2019.

He was the co-founder and Artistic Director of the Helen Hayes Award winning theatre company, No Rules Theatre Company, in Washington, DC and Winston-Salem, NC making it the first ever dual city theatre company. During his 6 years with NRTC, he produced and often directed several award winning premieres and created outreach programs for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and those that theatre is often unattainable to.

Having been most prompted with questions about running a business as an artist, he created Artist’s Strategy to help individuals develop personalized, strategic business plans to see their goals come to fruition.



What is Artist’s Strategy?

Artist’s Strategy is a personal consulting service offering artists the tools to create a roadmap for success as creative entrepreneurs.

Will Artist’s Strategy help me find an agent?

It can. However - Artist’s Strategy will not make use of its own connections to facilitate finding an artist representation. AS will give you the tools to organize/navigate your own network to strategize securing an agent and/or manager.

How do you measure success with Artist’s Strategy?

Success is measured differently person to person, however, based on the plan that you create (working from macro to micro), Artist’s Strategy suggests looking at the weekly/monthly benchmarks you’re hoping to hit as to whether or not you’re finding “success” over the course of a working period.

What is a session like?

Sessions tend to start with an overview of the previous week (action items, workflow, 3-5 year plan) and then works itself through categorically (marketing, financials, self producing, etc.). You prioritize your agenda to get through as much as we can in a given time, send at least 24 hours in advance and we amend to continue to facilitate appropriate next steps towards success.

Does Artist’s Strategy do the work for me?

Artist’s Strategy gives you the tools to understand and organize the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals. Artist’s Strategy does not complete your weekly action items.

What makes this work different from the work of other career coaches?

While gaining industry knowledge is absolutely a part of your work with Artist’s Strategy, it’s primarily focused on giving you the knowledge and tools to run your business as a creative entrepreneur. It focuses on 7 major tenets (financial management, marketing, networking, self producing, business infrastructure, product improvement and professional growth) as a guidepost for how to grow and sustain your business.

What is the difference between A Plan for Artistic Success and working in single sessions/packages?

A Plan for Artistic Success is designed to give an artist a more affordable approach to the entire program. It also allows for accountability for follow through with the effort of completing an infrastructure for their business. The work will be no different within the framework of  the single sessions/packages but often takes a bit longer and can wind up being more expensive.

How long does it take to “complete” Artist’s Strategy?

While there is no set curriculum with Artist’s Strategy because it is based on the individual, it typically takes up to 15 sessions to get a handle on one’s entity and how to move it forward. This is, however, totally based on the individual and how much they are willing to invest, time wise and financially, into their career.

Do you work with all kinds of artists?

Yes! Artist’s Strategy focuses more on the tools to run a successful career as a creative entrepreneur. Our work does not discriminate.

How long should each session be?

This totally depends on you, your work habits and where you are at with your business. When we first start, we always suggest nothing less than 45 minutes as there is much to cover but the hope is that you find independence with the work and begin to use our sessions as touch ins at some point which can certainly be shorter or intermittent.



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